Thursday, October 27, 2011

True Blood/Bombshell Tutorial

I wanted to do a couple looks using my Tarte for True Blood Palette (cuz I love it so). First look I did a legit tutorial...its my first so bear with me! I wanted to do a "Victoria's Secret" Bombshell look, or at least my version haha.
Here we go!
First, apply a good eye primer, in this case I used MAC's Paintpot in painterly

Next, apply Dawn all over the lid.

Then, take Bayou to the outer corner of lid.

Then, using a crease brush, I used MAC's 226 (my fav!) pick up Werewolf and create your outer 'V'. Blend it out using a #217 brush.
Then, using a #219, pick up Legend and darken the outer corner and crease, a mini-V if you will. Take the #217 again and blend those 2 together.  Pick up a little Dusk and soften the crease with that. Pick up a little more Bayou and dust under the browbone.

Take you #219 and some Werewolf and smudge under your lashline. Take your favorite black eye kohl (I used MAC's smolder) and line your waterline and along lashline. Add some mascara and Voila!
I applied a little contouring and Gingerly Blush to the cheekbones. I put on Fleshpot lipstick for a pouty lip look.

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