Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cupcake Theme!!

Since I have changed my haircolor, I wanted to do a more cupcake themed look. Because I love them :)
This one was fun to do. I used: Painterly P/P as my base, Haunting e/s on the lid. I cut the crease with MUF #75 (hot pink) and blended with Tarina Tarantino's Cameo Pink. White Frost e/s under brow and MAC's Pro Pigment in Rockit Yellow in the inner corner. The lashes did not come out so good in pictures, but they are Red Cherry and they're purple and black. And to top it off, Candy yum yum l/s!!

Slightly sloppy liner, but pretty :)

MAC's Sultry palette look #2

As promised, here is an image of a 2nd look using the Sultry palette.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Kat Von D Ludwig Palette

So here is two more looks using Kat Von D's palettes. This time I am using her Ludwig palette. Which includes, Lucifer (matte black), Orbi (deep olive green), Dimebag (metallic green), Tequila (metallic yellow beige), Clay (beige with gold glitter), Downtown (metallic light copper), Baroque (golden bronze shimmer), and Leather (matte warm brown). Two colors are also in her Beethoven palette. Of this set, I used the browner shades the most in the past. They are beautiful shades for the perfect shimmery smokey eye. Her shadows are very pigmented and I have always enjoyed using them.

Look One:

Tequila on lid and brow
Orbi in crease
Lucifer to deepen crease
Dimebag to soften crease and under lashline
Feline eye kohl

Look Two: 

Clay on lid and brow
Downtown on crease
Baroque in crease
Leather to deepen crease and under lashline
Feline eye kohl!

Kat Von D Beethoven Look

Since her new palette is on my Christmas list I thought I'd do some quick looks using her older palettes. This one if the Beethoven palette. Which includes 8 shades, Lucifer (matte black), Speed Blue (deep frosty navy), Raxor Grey (greyed seafoam green), Tequila (lt goldish beige), Sinner (deep purple with brown undertones), Rad Purple (dark purple with Galeano (beige-y lt purple). I did 2 QUICK (let me emphasize quick haha) looks with this palette, one using the first 4 colors and the other with the last 4.

Look One:
Tequila on lid
Speed Blue in crease
Lucifer to deepend crease
Speed Grey on inner crease and over Speed Blue
Tequila to highlight
Lucifer under lash line
Feline Kohl on waterline and liquid liner on top. 

Look Two:
Galeano on lid and brow
Rad Purple in crease
Leather over that
Sinner in outer corner of lid
Feline eye kohl and liquid liner!

Cut Crease using MAC's Snowglobe palette in Sultry

So here is a quick look I did before work the other day using the new Sultry palette from the holiday collection! I love this palette for the smokey berry colors. I think they are sexy and look grey with greys too! I will do another style of look with this palette later, but I wanted to work with a more cut crease type look.

The colors I used are Lightfully on the lid, Shadowy Lady for the cut, and Festive Delight to blend out! I also took Gaelic Gold from the Tarten Tale collection under the lashline! I really liked this look a lot. Hope you did too!
And naturally I have Viva Gaga 1 on my lips! My staple color!!

Halloween look!!

So here is what I did for Halloween!! I went as a 1950's malt shop waitress zombie haha kinda complicated but was fun (minus the car accident I got into on the way downtown!! )

So I know it's after Halloween, but who doesn't want to be a zombie any day of the week!? For this look I went legit and bought some Ben Nye Cake makeup in Frankenstein. You can use the cheaper face paint if need be. I caked that all over my face and neck. I then used a dark grey eyeshadow (Typographic from MAC) as my contour and eye color. I built that up and blended it out until it looked blended. I took a little bit of a deep red shadow from the coastal scents 120 palette for some fun addition, black liner and lashes!! For my lips i used MACs Eden Rouge Mattene lipstick and took from Duo Adhesive to the corner of my lip and let that cake up and covered it in Ben Nyes stage blood. I hope you like it it was fun to do!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

True Blood/Vampy look

Here is my second look using the True Blood palette. I went for a more "vampy vixen" type look, but not the same look provided in the palette.

This time I used the Tarte eye primer to give that a whirl. I like, but I am just not a fan of the doe foot applicator it and UD's primer has. I would rather be able to have a jar. Just personal preference, the primer itself works very well. I took Stake and applied it all over the lid and into the crease. I then took Immortal to deepend the crease and the outer V. I took Werewolf to the crease and used the Light under the brow. I put a little True Death in the tearduct and used "V" under the lower lash line and extended it out to the V. (haha!) Smolder eye kohl on upper lash line and waterline and a coat of False Lashes Mascara! I paired it with Prolingwear Lipglass in Lasting Achievement.

True Blood/Bombshell Tutorial

I wanted to do a couple looks using my Tarte for True Blood Palette (cuz I love it so). First look I did a legit tutorial...its my first so bear with me! I wanted to do a "Victoria's Secret" Bombshell look, or at least my version haha.
Here we go!
First, apply a good eye primer, in this case I used MAC's Paintpot in painterly

Next, apply Dawn all over the lid.

Then, take Bayou to the outer corner of lid.

Then, using a crease brush, I used MAC's 226 (my fav!) pick up Werewolf and create your outer 'V'. Blend it out using a #217 brush.
Then, using a #219, pick up Legend and darken the outer corner and crease, a mini-V if you will. Take the #217 again and blend those 2 together.  Pick up a little Dusk and soften the crease with that. Pick up a little more Bayou and dust under the browbone.

Take you #219 and some Werewolf and smudge under your lashline. Take your favorite black eye kohl (I used MAC's smolder) and line your waterline and along lashline. Add some mascara and Voila!
I applied a little contouring and Gingerly Blush to the cheekbones. I put on Fleshpot lipstick for a pouty lip look.

Christian Dior Inspired Look/ Tarina Tarantino review

So I went to Sephora yesterday, and happend to browse their clearance section and found 3 amazing Tarino Tarantino products for $5 a piece!! I got one of her cream shadows in Black Diamond, which after coming home and opening it I realized it was almost dried up. Still usable, but damn me for not checking first. I also got 2 of her hyper shadows, Toyko Hardcore and Candy Cameo.

The Candy Cameo is a nice deep warm pink with minimal glitter. Toyko Hardcore is a lime green. It looks dull on a single swipe, but on packing the color on it is very bright which made me happy. Poor yellow to it, which makes it more neon looking in my opinion. The cream shadow was a little bit of a disappointment. I swatched MAC's Blackground next to it and it is much more pigmented. I think because it was dried out it had a lack of oompf.

I paired it with Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick instead of the red :) 

Monday, October 17, 2011

White & Blue

 Here is a look I did because I got a new brush I couldn't wait to try out! It's MACs #231 brush. I wanted something to help with more crisp lines for the crease. I love the #219, but it gets blurry sometimes. I like a nice "drag" crease. Haha, my definition.

So really, this is my usual everyday style of makeup.

I used Gesso on the lid, Styledriven in the crease and Deep Truth to sharpen. I had some leftover lash-bits from a pair I trimmed down to fit and used that in the corners. 

 I also was really focusing on keeping my liner as crisp as possible without any jumpy lines. I am very happy with how it turned out!
Better look at the lashes.

I also used Coygirl blush and Fleshpot lipstick!!


I woke up on the first day of my vacation thinking about all the Kim Kardashian looks everywhere. And at my counter I am constantly getting asked that! I swear I do something new everytime, here was a half-face of one I came up with. I think I am going to do this one again so I can take better pictures, and of course write down what I used!!

Random Brightness

Only pic I took of this, but it was fun. For a theme-day at work using the new MAC Fall Collection line!

Bundle Monster Quick Review

So I ordered up a Bundle Monster 88 palette just to have around. If you have not heard of them, I am not surprised. But it is the exact same thing as Coastal Scents, but I found on Amazon for $10 :) 

So as all the others, you get your dime-sized shadows in 88 colors. Although there are a few I swear are the same shade but what can ya do? They have a cheap smell to them (which I can't stand) but I am excited to have so many colors. I did a few swatches on my arm, they are pretty chaulky for the most part some are extremely pigmented and others are a little chaulky. I did a quick 5 min look using some of the colors. 

Can definitely tell some need a little bit more work then others. I wanted the orange to be brighter and it wasn't so I added MAC's orange to it.

True Blood Palette

So I got the True Blood palette (naturally like 3 months ago haha) and I absolutely love it! If I have the time (or if anyone cares) I will do a review. But I through this on real quick while I ran some errands today (hence the beret haha)

 I followed the "Not Your Average Waitress" Look that came with the palette, except I lined my eyes with Teddy Eye Kohl instead to soften the look. Another blue-eye poppin' look!

Peach and Coral Look

Please don't mind my sloppy liner haha. But this was a quick look I did before dinner with my mother last week. I wanted to go with the Fall themed look I did before, but one that can go for Spring too! 

Here's what you need!
Dazzlelight e/s
Perky e/s
Hot Hot Hot e/s
Tempting e/s

Along the lines of my usual looks, I dabbed some Dazzlelight on the inner third, swept Perky through the middle and used Hot Hot Hot in the outer corner. I blended them all together with Tempting in the crease. And Dazzlelight under the brow!

Fall look!

 I wanted to do a look with orange that was easily wearable. I paired it with browns for a beautiful Fall look. This look is a double-whammy for those with blue eyes! The oranges and browns bring out the blue like crazy!

So here's what you need:
Dazzlelight e/s
Orange e/s
Espresso e/s
Cork e/s

Start off with a good base, I always turn to my Painterly p/p. Then starting from the inner corner to 2/3 of the way I swept on Dazzlelight. In the outer corner I packed on Orange. Then using a pencil brush (#219 is my fav) I created my outer V using Espresso. I took in into the crease and softly blended. I then used a fluffy brush and blended the Espresso with Cork to soften the look. Then take a bit of your Dazzlelight under the brow and blending into the Cork. Liner, mascara Voila!
Ok! So it has been SUCH a long time since I have posted anything! I am working on that! I have tons of looks I have done and took pictures of but never posted! So here is the haul of pics!! 

So I ordered me up some Geo Nudy Blue circle lenses, was extremely paranoid I would never get them in because I have NEVER worn contacts before! But I did! So I took a side pic of what they looked like. The second image was a quick Barbie look I did with the lens in.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

1950's Barbie Look

I am a HUGE girlie girl (if you hadn't noticed) and am a Barbie collector and Barbie obsessive! I would love to look like a Barbie 24/7 haha minus the crazy proportions! But I wanted to do a look that represented the original beauty! I gave it a shot and unfortunately only took one picture (while my hair was still drying haha) but am still happy with how it turned out!

Eyes were very simple, using only 3 colors. The main piece is definitely the thick liner and red lips! 
On the eyes, I used:
Bare study Paint Pot
Sephora e/s in Picnic in the Park
Phloof! e/s  
Gesso e/s
Sephora nano pencil in white
Opulash mascara

For the lips I used my favorite red! Heartless!! Voila!! 

MAC Wonderwoman Lady Justice Look

So here's a look I wore a few week ago using the new Wonderwoman collection from MAC. It's the Lady Justice quad. 
The products used are:
Painterly Paint Pot
Lady Justice Quad
Gesso e/s
Sephora's Liquid liner
Opulash Mascara in black and blue(from wonderwoman line)
Sephora's Eye Nano Pencil in white
Cork e/s (brows)

Face is :
Tenderling blush for contouring
Oh So Fair beauty poweder

Heartless lipstick.. blotted off for stain look. 

 1. Apply Painterly all over lid, and over the crease. You can go up
to the brow, but I chose not to.
2. Apply Gesso e/s over entire lid. Because it is a matt shade, I like
to pack it on instead on sweaping.
3. Apply Insurmountable on outer 1/3 of eye.
4. Take Bold Babe and sweep in the outer third and into the crease.
5. Pick up a little Deep truth to darken crease ever so slighty. Now BLEND AWAY!
6. Then take more Gesso and sweep unter brow and down to the Deep Truth to soften the color. 
7. Apply Liquid Liner (or whatever black eye pencil you want to use) to top of lid.
8. Take White nano pencil and draw onto your waterline (my favorite trick!!) Opens up the eyes :)
9. Curl top lashes and apply Opulash in black immediately!
10. Use your 219 brush and smudge some deep truth underneath eye, and coat bottom lashes with Opulash in blue. 

Voila!! Eyes are done!! I used the Tenderling in the depths of my cheekbones to deepen my cheekbones, and used the Oh So Fair beauty powder on the highest points of my cheekbones and blend together! 

Now let's go save the day!! :) 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

White & Purple Look

So here's a look where I attempted a tutorial with, I can post those pictures as well but i got to fiddle with em to make them turn out pretty. I am also dyeing my hair in the pictures.. so don't might the crazy do and bathrobe haha.
Alrighty, products used:

Eyes: Painterly Paint Pot
         White Avalanche e/s (on lid)
         Vibrate Grape e/s (in crease with 219)
          Contrast e/s (deeped crease with 219)
         Stars N Rockets e/s (above crease to soften edge and smudged underneath eye)
         Phloof! e/s on brow!
         Penultimate Liner in rapidblack (although I am not a big fan for winged)
        ZoomLash mascara in black!

I used lingering eye brows to fill those puppies in. I also have Studio Tech Foundation, Studio Finish Concealer, Oh So Fair beauty powder on cheeks AND Pink Nouveau lipstick!! Hope you like it!!

OK thats kinda hard to see... ill get better at those angles!!! And yes.. my rooms messy lol

My first post!!!

Hey everybody! Well right now, it is no one because this is my FIRST POST EVER! HA! But I hope people will catch on, but either way welcome! So I will tend to rattle on about who knows what, post some things that interest me that moment and of course makeup looks!! I tend to go bright, I always said if I wasn't born a female I sure as hell would be a drag queen! :) So the more I catch on to this I will post tutorials, but for now all I got is random pictures of finished looks with the products listed. I also don't have the greatest camera (as of now..) so some shots will be poopy. My cell has a better camera.. how sad haha. But I will post from that as well. Anyhoo... heres to my first post!!!